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Fine Artist / Fashion Designer / Interior Designer / Educator


Farnaz Harouni is a multi-discipline artist who expresses her creative energy and passion through many different channels. Her love of life, artistic vision, and meticulous discipline breed an authentic creativity that defies labels and boundaries.


A lifelong Artist, Farnaz has a long history of artistic endeavors from her first mural at age 16 to airbrush, illustration, painting and photography. She continues to expand into new mediums of self-expression in fine arts from mixed media to bronze sculpture which is now her primary focus.


Farnaz is a Couturier specializing in one-of-a-kind Bridal and Evening Wear artistically designed and skillfully created with haute couture craftsmanship. She graduated in the top tier of her class from the prestigious Otis College of Art and Design winning the coveted Thimble Award. She is the recipient of many local and national design awards, has dressed celebrities and political figures and launched her own design label by age 25. She was featured in publications and sold by high end boutiques including Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.


Concurrently, Farnaz is an accomplished interior designer with a large portfolio of commercial and residential properties throughout LA. Her dedication to her clients in realizing their ideal dreams has led to a loyal following as they entrust her with their homes, businesses, and gowns for their life defining moments.


Farnaz also finds great fulfilment in teaching the next generation of designers at her alma mater, top ranking Otis College of Art and Design, for over 15 years. She is an active volunteer in the community including presently serving on the SM Art Space board of advisors, topic curation committee for Visionary Women, parent chair of Sinai Temple, and fundraising for Children’s Action Network. She resides in LA with her husband and their two young daughters. Most weekends you will find them rollerblading on the beach and at art exhibits. She travels extensively throughout the world seeking inspiration in nature, architecture, art, and cultures. She brings that worldly perspective into her designs, fine art, and the classroom.


Artist Statement


This is me...
Love is my journey.
Travel is my reset button.
The beach is my temple.
Music is my high.
Life is my inspiration.
Art is my therapy.
Designing is my joy.
Creating is my essence.
Uplifting is my mission.
Teaching is my gratification.
Sculpting is my meditation.
My hobby is my profession.
My to-do list is my workout.
My family is my purpose.
My light is my contribution.
My ambitions are my drivers.
My challenges are my teachers.
My problems are my growth opportunities.
My failures are my fuel.
My optimism is my salvation.
My compassion is my humanity.
My life is my masterpiece.
My gratitude is my wealth.

Integrity is my mode of operation.

Authenticity is my nature.
Fulfillment is my daily.
This is me, Farnaz Harouni.
This, is my destiny.

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